Urban Land Use, Sustainable Development and 'Ecological Civilization'


Andre Dzikus, UN-Habitat

Ruibo Han, University of Maryland, USA

Urbanization is the process of rural population concentration into cities and towns, the trend of human social development, and an important symbol of national modernization. In the process of urbanization, it is necessary to carry out land development, which will lead to the expansion of urban and the increase of construction land. At the same time, it will also bring a series of ecological problems, such as the disorderly development of construction land, the occupation of high-quality cultivated land by construction land, land degradation and so on.
How to conform to the law of nature to develop social economy, to achieve harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and to achieve ecological balance, tests everyone's wisdom. How to solve the problems of land use in the process of urbanization and find out the countermeasures to promote the sustainable development of cities?


  • How can we reasonably plan the land space and realize the sustainable development of cities in the process of urbanization?
  • How to monitor the ecological condition of land use and Land use ecosystem services so as to realize the sustainable development of urban ecosystem?
  • In the process of urban expansion, how to delimit the baseline of urban ecological environment security and maintain national or regional ecological security and sustainable development?
  • How to effectively play the basic role of market in allocating land resources, fully realize the value of land assets and improve the efficiency of land resources utilization?
  • Through engineering and biology technology, how to optimize land use pattern, rebuild, restore and enhance the ecological service function of land use, and ensure the safety of water, air, biology and ecology?